Fresh Cut Bank Guarantee BG/ Standby Latter of Credit (SBLC) Lease

We have direct providers of Fresh Cut BG/SBLC which are specifically for lease. We deliver with time and precision as set forth in our agreement. Our terms and conditions are reasonable. We have the possibility to lease you any amount required, however we also have our own procedures to this, as every security has original investors/owner/s, and the owner is making his annual profit without problem and still running in the market. It must be leased by third party to use it.

Description of Instrument

Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC).
Total Face Value: Minimum of 1M EUR/USD (One Million EUR/USD) to a Maximum of (5B EUR/USD Five Billion EUR/USD).
Issuing Bank: HSBC London
Age: One Year, One Day.
Leasing Price: 6.0% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers
Delivery: Bank to Bank SWIFT
Payment: MT-760.
Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

What exactly do you need?
How long do you need it for?
Are you a principal borrower of a broker?
This is bank to bank arrangement. If you do not understand the scope of this service or is not clear to you, then we suggest that you consult with your bank or financial advisory to make certain that you verify that this instrument can be used for your intended purpose.

Pre advice

The provider is ready, willing and able to organize the delivery of a pre advice SWIFT MT999 and MT799 either from European or from the U.S. banks for non-Solicitation regulations to the client's designated bank, after the payment to a provider designated clearing account of an amount of EUR 105,000 (Transmission Fee) covering the banking expenses of the bank that will organize the delivery of the pre advice swift. Swift transmission will be MT999 direct to client designated bank, only if banks do not have same correspondent. MT999 direct to issuing bank correspondent in the Country where the client is located, for final delivery to the client bank.

We have two procedures to this:

Procedure (A) Option

  1. Both parties sign and seal the Deed of Agreement (DOA) with passport.
  2. The Provider must send:
    1. Corporate recourse undertaking letter signed and sealed by the Provider and the same letter signed and sealed by the HSBC bank officer.
    2. Additionally Invoice must be signed and sealed by the Provider and signed and sealed by the HSBC bank officer.
    3. This letter will be authenticated by clients bank in return email the HSBC bankers must authenticate the letter.
    4. If the above terms in some unforeseen conditions becomes difficult to the Provider, HSBC Bank must send an undertaking letter stating specifically that the transmission fees will be returned/refunded to the sender if the MT799 & 760 is not transmitted within 30 days of time by the Provider.
    5. Mails must be sent via only the banks official email addresses; where clause III above is invoked any other personal emails are allowed.
  3. Once the Borrower receives the above documents he will make the payment of Instrument  Reservation fee/ Pre Advice transmission fee within 5 banking days; where the borrower do not request for pre advice only reservation fee shall be paid.
  4. Once the Provider receives the money, he will transmit MT799 in 48 hours.
  5. Monetize will send the ICBPO for full lease vale within 48 hours.
  6. The Provider will transmit the MT 760 within 4 bank working days.
  7. Monetize will send MT303 within 7 days from the date of receipt of MT760. Leasing Price: 6.0% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees of brokers.

Monetize will send the ICBPO for full lease within 48 hours.
The Provider will transmit the MT760 within 4 bank working days.
Monetize will send MT103 within 7 days from the date of receiving MT760,
Leasing Price: 6.0% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers.

Procedure (B) Option

Both parties sign and seal the Deed of Agreement (DOA) with passport copies.

Provider will arrange a fresh cut EUR/USD between 20 Million to 500 Million euro clear 15 page cash code BG/SBLC in favor of your company with Euro clear access code and block code as well as the ISIN and CUSIP numbers and common code of the Bank Guarantee to enable you verify it. The beneficiary is expected to pay 6+- 2% lease cost via MT103 to providers funding bank after verifying and Authenticating the swift MT760 from issuing bank.

Issuing Bank: HSBC

Payment: MT760 (swift bank to bank)

Price: 6+2%

After successful verification the beneficiary shall transfer Euro 105,000.00 (One Hundred and five Thousand Euro) to validate the instrument before it is delivered by swift MT799 pre-advice.

No instrument reservation charge.

Transmission Fee: Euro 105,000.

Once the Provider receives the money, he will transmit MT700 in 48 hours.

Monetize will send the ICBPO for full lease vale within 48 hours.

The Provider will transmit the MT760 within 4 bank working days.

Monetize will send MT103 within 7 days from the date of receiving MT760, Leasing Price: 6.0% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers.

Dear beneficiary.

You are hereby required to write letter of intent (LOI) in your business letter head with valid working contacts and verifiable business/personal information; attach verifiable supporting documents.

State clearly the instrument description demanded and how long you need it. Quote our leasing price, terms, conditions, and procedure as accepted they are not negotiable.

On receipt of your LOI we shall forward DOA to you.


We could provide business and investment opportunities in Caucasian countries, Africa & Middle East, South America & seeking for investors in diverse sector of investment as well companies who want to expand trading in areas such as:

EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction and EPC Management)

1. Land and Rail Road’s Development and reconstruction.

2. Airlines & craft transportation Industry

3. Marine Shipping and Seaport Facilities.

4. Metal and Mineral processing and basic industries

5. Mining of Gold & Platinum Industry.

6. Mining of Diamond.

7. Crude Oil exploitation.

8. Crude oil & Petroleum Refineries.

9. Agricultural & farming (Rice, Sugar, wheat, Edible Oil and other food materials)

10. Fertilizer/ Cement Plants.

11. Electricity and Power projects (Solar, Hydro and Wind).

12. Bottling and packing of Drinking water.

13.Tourism and Resorts industry included Golf Courses and Yacht Marinas

14.Banking Industry.

15.Real estate Investment.


17.Timbers, Cotton and Coal plants.

18. Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Commerce.

19.Consumer Goods.

20.Corporate Security

21.Cyberspace/ Intranet,

22. Private & Family Security Details,

23.Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers.

24.Universities and Colleges.

25.Reconstruction of Urban and Rural Communities and Housing

26.Transportation Industries

We welcome competent investors and financial companies who can engage in any of the above either and outright purchase or JV with government or private institutions, we can as well fly for meeting in your home country for discussion and proceedings. All investment is referencing all above Regions we can set up meeting with President, Ministers, Governors, Senators and house of Rep. Sovereign guarantee will be setup by the government.


Richard S Burge. CEO

Edge Financial Services LTD.

Edge Brokers LTD.

Tel: +33 753 913 737



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